White Gold Rings Care Tips for you

White Gold Rings – Now you can save more cost for white gold rings care by doing self-cleaning isntead of bring it to profeisonals. It is true that we want to always look beautiful with our jewelries, but it cannot be done if the jewerly is never been cleaned. Below are some simple tips you can do to clean your rings at home.

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Simple White Gold Rings Care at Home

Well, if you want to do self white gold rings care cleaning, you can simply buy the special jewerly cleaning liquid at store. There are two types of cleaner. First is the spray cleaner. Usually it has soft and ultra mild detergent lovel that won’t harm the gold surface. You can simply spray it and gently rub the surface with clean soft clothes. The second is using liquid or special soap to take good care white gold diamond rings. You can simply disolve the liquid into plain water and then dip the rings for 2-3 minutes before you clean it with clean soft clothes. Or else you can use extra mild soap that has no detergent for proper care white gold rings.

Simple White Gold Rings Care with Diamonds

If you have rings with diamond, we suggest you to be careful while doing self white gold rings care because the diamond can be easily pop out. You can clean it using cotton buds that have been dipped into mild soap water. Make sure you do not rub it too much as it may break the diamonds and causes scracthes. For the special care white gold diamond rings, it is suggested to change the rhodium coat on your rings to make the rings look shiny just like the new one. However, this process can be done only by profesional and of course the cost is not that cheap.

If you have serious problems in your white gold jewelries, like smal fracture or missing diamonds, that will be better for you to go to profesional. You can ask for profesional white gold rings care and reparation service that usually available in big jewelry stores in your town. white gold rings care