What is a Claddagh Ring

What is a Claddagh ring is design elements that are common to all Claddagh rings are two hands lovingly holding, embracing or caressing the heart, topped by a simple crown. Claddagh design is very identified with the Irish and history and knowledge, but actually represents much, much more than that. This stands for loyalty, trust and faith. And it is a symbol of pure, shining eternal friendship. In short, it symbolizes life, and love.

What is a Claddagh Ring

What is a Claddagh ring Are, But Is Worn around the World?

What is a Claddagh ring is Claddagh jewelry is named after a small Irish fishing village, located near Galway, Ireland. Although initially uniquely Irish, Irish immigration wave occurred during the Claddagh design of the mid-1800s and the end of the spread to the United States and elsewhere, and the Claddagh ring is now used in many parts of the world. Claddagh ring is mainly used by the Irish people or people with an affinity for Ireland, but for the beauty and deep emotional meaning, others use it as well. And they are sometimes used as a symbol of Irish culture and not as a sign of genuine affection for someone. Due to the strong identification with Ireland and traditions, Claddagh design almost screams “Irish!”

What is a Claddagh ring…? Treasured precious jewelry symbolizes emotion.

What is a Claddagh ring, There are several types of Claddagh jewelry, but the most popular is the Claddagh ring, which is usually given or worn as a sign of friendship or love. A Claddagh ring can be worn as a wedding ring, engagement ring, a symbol of romantic attachment, or just as a symbol of friendship, profound platonic. Because of the strong emotional connection and beautiful design them, Claddagh ring is often considered a family heirloom, and they are often passed down from mother to daughter.

Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum are often used to make a Claddagh ring. Precious gemstones and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and topaz, can be inlaid or set into the metal. Make this ring as precious and valuable as they symbolize emotion. But whether or not bejeweled, Claddagh rings have, attacked directly identified highly symbolic design that evokes the eternal friendship and everlasting love.

How to wear the ring has a meaning as a symbol carved in it. It shows if someone is single, dating, engaged or married.

Single: ring worn on the right hand with the heart facing away. When you look down at your hands, heart upside down.

Dating: the ring worn on the right hand facing you. When you look at your hand, the ring is right side up.

Involved: the ring worn on the left hand with the heart facing away.

Married: ring worn on the left hand facing you.

What is a Claddagh ring, Claddagh Ring both marriage and friendship rings. They described a crowned heart snuggled between two outstretched hands. Hand signifies friendship, the heart stands for love and the crown represents loyalty.

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