Wedding Ring Tattoos – What You Need to Know

Wedding ring tattoos are a very modern looks great, has its advantages and disadvantages, many couples are reluctant to tattoo but others find it a great idea and the tattoo and without thinking. Younger couples do not choose to buy wedding rings gold, but prefer to go to a house of tattoos and tattooing the alliance. Many of them draw their own design and color of the tattoo, others choose default layouts and some prefer to just write the name of your partner.

Partnerships are not tattooed as costly as gold rings and they look beautiful because tattoos are in fashion this time. However, it is a mark that remains for life and is very difficult and expensive to remove them with special treatment. In addition, a tattoo is painful, but small, so it is important to take time to think and decide whether to wedding ring tattoos.


The biggest disadvantage is that not all marriages last forever and in case of divorce then you will carry forever the marks of this marriage, which may bring bad memories or your new partner that you do not accept the mark of a past love.

Angelina Jolie, Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton and “partner marking” – wearing wedding ring tattoos to represent the commitment to a spouse or significant other – People. As celebrities go, then go public. Therefore, there seems to be a growing interest in wedding rings tattooed as the ultimate commitment.

It’s true, when you say your vows; the words “until death do us part” have real meaning. This union is destined to be forever, and wedding rings are a way to demonstrate your commitment. From this perspective, it makes sense to wear rings that will never be lost, fall overboard kitchen, or even leave your fingers.

Why not wear a wedding ring tattoos?

Having a tattoo applied is not painless, and the finger does not heal as quickly or as well as other places on your body. The obvious disadvantage is that tattoos are permanent. If you change your mind about the design or marriage, the ring is unless you want to go through the procedure uncomfortable and expensive to have it removed. On the other hand, tattoos tend to fade on the underside of the finger manipulation of objects. One caveat: do not go to an amateur. Be sure that the person requesting your wedding ring tattoos has experience in this field.

What is involved in removing a tattoo?

I know you intend to be with your boyfriend until the end of time, but it is a fact that many couples break up or divorce every day due to unforeseen reasons. If this happens to you, know that your tattoo will ring a constant reminder of the past. Your choices are to live with it or have the ring painfully and expensively removed.

There are several options to remove a tattoo. The following is a brief description of each. You would need to consult a plastic surgeon, dermatologist or other physician to determine the best choice for you:

– Cut. Some smaller tattoos can be cut in the skin. The remaining skin is then sewn together or a piece grafted from another part of your body

-. Sand it off. You’ve probably heard of dermabrasion facial. This is a similar concept, but much more serious. A rotary sander is used to dig the skin until the tattoo is gone. Expect bleeding

-. Laser it off. Laser light can also remove a tattoo. The light breaks down the tattoo ink and your body carries the pigment. This procedure takes more than one treatment. Although less invasive and painless as other alternatives, multiple treatments can be expensive.

Anyway, do not expect your finger to be restored to “pre-tattoo” beauty. Discoloration or scars may remain after the removal

Things to consider before making your wedding ring tattoos

– You should have your wedding ring tattoos. Affected in five to ten years

– A tattoo design can be changed, but if you have your significant other initials engraved on your finger that can present some challenges

– An alternative to a wedding ring is to have matching wedding ring tattoos elsewhere on your body, selected drawings that have meaning for you, but does not look like an obvious homage to your beloved, just in case

– Another way to add meaning to your engagement or wedding ring is to have a ring on your specifications.

Whatever your decision, understand that the choice of having a ring tattoo etched on your skin is as critical as the choice to marry. Both have implications that last a lifetime.

It’s a decision you agree completely and therefore it is necessary that you take time to think hard before making this decision. If for some reason do not want to accept it, you must be absolutely clear with your partner to not be offended.

Wedding rings symbolize fidelity and union of the couple, but now many boyfriends that instead of the usual alliances choose to get tattoos on their hands these rings. Although science has made that clear laser tattoo, these will always be seeing marks on the skin that last a lifetime. What better to represent eternal love a wedding ring tattoos?

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