Vibrating Tongue Ring – The Cognition of Vibrating Tongue Ring

Vibrating tongue ring is one kind of trend actually. If you wear a ring in your finger is an usual thing. Every people in this world does wear a ring in fingers. However, some of people want to be different, they wear a ring in their tongue. It is uncommon thing, but you unbelievably; there are some people who choose to wear a ring in inappropriate place, that is in the tongue. People who do piercing in their tongue usually take a ring in the middle of their tongue area. Their tongue will swell after piercing process a little bit. The swelling effect will disappear in couple of days, and they will get piercing pain feeling in 10 days after, approximately.

If you pierce your tongue, you will not be allowed to eat hot and spicy food and fermentation milk food like yoghurt. The tongue piercing itself at the first time came from ancient Aztec and Maya tribes. They were piercing their tongue to do a traditional ritual. The location of Aztec and Maya tribes were spreading in Central America, and Northwest America. An usual tongue ring and vibrating tongue ring has the same thing actually, they are dangerous thing to do.

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Getting to Know Vibrating Tongue Ring

Piercing itself is painful. Our tongue has muscles with some fibers, which is longitudinal located. If we do piercing on our tongue, it means that a needle will stab those muscles just like sewing process. After that, our tongue is swelling and feels extremely pain. In addition, in some cases, you will not be able to talk and you have to wash your mouth with the particular of antiseptic mouthwash. In vibrating tongue ring, you may do not understand well about that, it is a ring, which is made from dangerous material. Yeah, this kind of tongue ring is made from a mercury button cell, which will be located on under your tongue.

It needs a battery to make it vibrate. The battery for vibrating tongue ring is dangerous thing actually. It is never to be warmed up so have it on your tongue will give you a risky thing for your own health. The size of this tongue ring is also huge and bushy for your tongue. You will have a problem to close your mouth because of its huge size. A bunch of saliva will be produced when you install this tongue ring. It will be disgusting right? Thus, if you want to be looked different, please do something else which is better than do tongue piercing.

Vibrating tongue ring

Vibrating Tongue Ring Care and Healing

If you already have a tongue ring in your mouth, you have to pay attention about care and healing process of it. You should know that our tongue is sensitive body part that we have. Thus, after piercing, our tongue will be swollen and painful. Your tongue will has 10-14 days for healing process. However, your tongue will be swollen bigger in 2-5 days after piercing process. You have to eat foods with smooth texture such as puree of fruits or cereals. For care process, you have to buy antibacterial fruit drops for your throat. You consume this for preventing any infections that maybe appeared and for reducing the swollen effect on your tongue. For the better caring process, you should contact your doctor to give you more advice. Lastly, think twice before you set a vibrating tongue ring.