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Thumb ring meaning is wear the ring of different types is considered as a fashion statement and is popular among people all over the world. Thumb rings are the latest fashion in jewelry today. As the name suggests, is a ring worn on any of the two thumbs, by both men and women. One may not be aware, but using a gold ring is a very old custom and there are several references to prove it.

Adorned with thumb rings has a different meaning in the world. They range from being a fashion statement to be a status symbol, etc. Let’s take a look at the different meanings thumb ring from past to present.

Thumb Ring meaning for women

Thumb ring meaning Status Symbol

In ancient times, the most important thumb ring meaning significance was that it was used as a status symbol and used only by men. The higher ranking, more elaborate and heavy was the ring. Generally, women do not wear a thumb ring. But they wore the ring from their husbands as a memory, if they were killed in battle. Similarly, in some parts of the world, thumb ring signified military status or position.


A thumb ring meaning is primarily used to protect the thumb during arc. It was used for the same purpose in ancient and medieval times. The thumb rings were used for arc large in size. On the other hand, in Europe, it was a tradition for medical use a thumb ring. In certain parts of the world, it was to believe that a woman wearing a ring on her right thumb meant she was open to sex.

Expression of Thought

In modern times, thumb rings signify freedom and emancipation. They also represent the virtues associated with liberty, like courage and strength. Similarly, the meaning of the left and right thumb ring meaning are completely opposite one another. Wearing a left thumb rings represent faith, hope and confidence while using a right thumb ring symbolizes rationality, intelligence and logic. Couples are also found to use thumb rings to pledge love, duty and responsibility.

Sexual orientation

Another peculiar symbolism of thumb ring meaning is to determine the sexual orientation of the carrier. There is a strange belief in some parts of the world, that a thumb ring is used only by homosexuals, ie, wearing a gold ring means the wearer is in a same-sex relationship. In other parts of the world, it is believed that wearing a ring of left thumb means that the person is in a relationship or is open to a relationship, while wearing a right thumb ring meaning that it is unique.

Due to various rumors and beliefs may see difficult to decide whether to wear a gold ring or not. You can leave out the thumb ring meaning and use it for the sake of fashion or for the expression of thought. As there is a wide variety of patterns and designs available thumb ring, you will certainly want to display a! You can obtain thumb rings of gold, platinum, metal, plastic or even in different price ranges. Engraved metal rings are more popular among young people. Although the meaning keeps changing, thumb rings are never outdated.

Therefore, we can see that the meanings of touch of the thumb are found in almost all fields of life and society. You can have a gold ring to express any thoughts or above, simply place the thumb ring meaning aside and use it as a symbol of fashion!

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