Ring sizing chart – Find the perfect ring size

Ring sizing chart can help you, the perfect size for your ring finger. Most people feel insecure about the size of your finger. If you want to buy the rings and do not know how to measure the size of the fingers. We know that when you buy a ring one of the easiest methods to determine your size is to use a fine piece of string to measure the diameter inside and outside. of course, the measurements are consistent with a ring sizing chart to measure your ring size. Print and use the ring sizing chart below to help and selecting the ring size when choosing the size.

It’s easy to check the right size

All you need is one of your rings and a ruler. You just have to put the ruler through the middle of your ring and measure the inner circle diameter.
Then take a look at the measure ring sizing chart below and learn which is the size of your ring!


Here is a guide for you with ring sizing chart.

How to determine your ring sizing chart is sufficient

Therefore, if you not use ring sizing chart, reference, here is how to find your ring size at home with a simple piece of paper. To find your size:

  1. First cut a half inch wide, ranging from the role of four to five inches long.
  2. According to paper wrapper around the base of the finger and marks the point at the end of the paper where paper overlays.
  3. With a third rule to measure the length of the outer end of the mark on the paper rounding nearest 1/16 inch “mm or, if necessary.
  4. Locate the bar graph next to measure the size in inches or millimeters, and are turning to the left column to determine your ring size.

Get the right size:

We know that when you buy online ring, you’re sure to be really great. So we’ve created this site to ensure that the tools to get the correct ring size and are confident of buying online with use ring sizing chart.

Tips for finding your best ring size

Before you use ring sizing chart, you can do this tips:

  1. Measure the size of a finger at the end of a hot day or first thing in the morning, because the fingers can be somewhat swollen below. Otherwise, there is a possibility that you will be able to ring only in winter, or just use only at noon.
  2. If you do not trust all these images of size rings, belts, straps and complicated formulas, you can go to another jeweler or jeweler. To find your ring size of the rings of metal arms that was softer. So make an effort to define the size of the head, or burn something “immortal” at home.
  3. If the ring is wide, must be greater than average. If the ring is tightened, it can be half size smaller. If the joints of the fingers are smaller than the fleshy parts, select a small semi-ring (wide or narrow), otherwise it could easily slip.
  4. If the ring does not fit correctly, please correct it to a jeweler. This is a very common (with the exception of titanium and stainless steel rings, which must be changed only with great difficulty).
  5. Let your friends know the size as often as possible (do not forget to mention all the stones you want). Therefore, to save the job of asking your friends and family in the size of stealing his ring finger of the measure, other shady business. This announcement is a low pressure admired only gives a ring. With a little luck “and a good memory of his friend, the ring on the right side is selected and compatible with the finger in particular.
  6. The fingers tend to swell and / or decrease as a means of size with time of day, temperature, and after exercise. For this reason, we recommend you use a finger at room temperature and is measured in your state, as usual during the day to receive the ring size, the more accurate
  7. Measure your finger in warm temperatures later in the day.

For more tips and information:

  • When one considers a broadband, move with the size of its position, because of the convenience.
  • Different countries have different ring size systems. All sizes listed here are standard American size.
  • The average female ring size is about 6 ring size of the average man is about 10
  • The size of the ring is about half a size larger on your dominant hand (i.e. written by hand).
  • The ring should move easily, but opposes a little, “is about 2-3 seconds at the ankle. This is normal and more common in men who typically have larger fingers.
  • Remember that the various activities during the day and temperatures will change hands and fingers constantly, so it is common to feel a ring of tight and sometimes loose sometimes.
  • If a ring at first seems a bit “too big or too small, you should use for a couple of weeks to get used to the front of the exchange for another size. Use the ring for a few weeks, it is best to can determine if a replacement is needed.

Blog diamondpipe.com also provide reference table for measure the finger below: Ring sizing chart can help you to find the best Ring Size Chart.

  1. Wrap a string around your finger.
  2. Is the length of the chain wrapped around the finger once.
  3. The chain length closer to the lowest level

As a guide to the size range of the fingers, and how it is divided into small, medium and large, the following divisions should provide better guidance.

  • Sizes G – I finger sizes too small
  • Sizes J – K Typical sizes for small hands
  • Sizes L – N the middle finger of the most common sizes
  • Sizes O – P fingers slightly larger
  • Size Q – T larger sizes of fingers
  • Size  T – Z sizes of fingers very large

Important Tips about Ring sizing chart

Often, when a ring is placed first in which you may feel a little tight, but please remember that after a few days of your finger to adjust the ring and you will feel looser, and you can read article about Ring size chart For Men and Ring Size Chart For Women. Note that full eternity rings can not be resized because they are fully set with precious stones, so it is important that you know the ring size with Ring Sizing Chart.

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