Ring Sizer, the Perfect and Proper Tool to Measure Our Ring Size

Ring sizer is the name of tool that commonly use when we want to know our exact ring size number. In this era, we can’t anymore rely on directly purchasing the ring in the jewelry store. It is because in this era, we can shop anything with using internet. That is the perfect solution to make us not need any more to go out from our home for just buying something that we want to have. However, there is a problem when we want to buy jewelry especially ring type with using online method. We cannot try the ring that we want to buy directly. That is why, we will need to know our exact ring size to make sure that the ring which we will purchase properly and fit in our finger. If you still do not understand about your finger size that will be used as your ring size, we will provide you with some tips and method to measure your finger size easily in this article.

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Kinds of Ring Sizer Types

There are many kinds of ring sizer that we can use actually for measuring our finger size. However, in this article we will not explain the entire methods to measure the finger size to you. We will only explain about the simplest method that will not need many times to do for having known our finger size. There are two easiest methods that we can use to measure our finger size. The first method is using the thick cardboard which will be printed with the value of ring size. We can use the used thick paper too if we do not have cardboard and then we only need to search the value of ring size in internet to print it in the paper. After that, we only need to wear this thick paper or cardboard like we are wearing the ring in our finger. You need to mark the meeting side of the cardboard or paper that you wear in your finger. Moreover, you can see the value that is the closest with the ring value as your ring size. This is the first ring sizer that will help you find your ring size correctly.

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The second ring sizer that we can use to measure our finger size is easier than the first tool. We only need to purchase the tool in the jewelry store. This tool is having shape like normal ruler but it has many holes on it. The holes are having different size. What we need to do in using this tool is putting our finger on the hole. You need to find the fit hole with your finger. When you have found the fit hole with your finger, you need to see the value that is written on the hole as your finger size.

The Combination Usage of Ring Sizer and Ring Size Chart

However, sometime understanding our finger size only is not enough when we want to purchase ring with using online method. We only need to have tool that is called ring size chart. It is the chart that we will need to convert our finger size into other finger size value. There are approximately six ring size value types which we can see in the jewelry market. Those ring size value is based on the country where the jewelry come from. Because of that, you need to have ring size chart too for accompanying the usage of ring sizer.

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