Purity Ring symbol of a sacred bond

Purity Ring is a symbol of a sacred bond between the couple or the content contained in the ring. The word must contain a different meaning for each person. In religion may be interpreted as something holy, innocent as a newborn baby. Honesty and sincerity also includes a part of it. That is if we are talking about the word purity.

Then if we are talking about the word ring that comes in our mind definitely an engagement or marriage. Every woman would be happy if the man she loved giving her a ring. The ring means a more serious bond of a relationship. All will feel more special when the process of giving the ring to be a surprise for her.

purity ring

If the combined ring of purity implies a sacred bond in a relationship that is based on honesty, compassion and accepting our partner’s strengths and weaknesses. The more specific purity ring means the symbol of a relationship between a man and a woman.

Purity Ring Function

Purity Ring come in various shapes and sizes and at the same time made from different materials. They can also have a message written on it or maybe no message at all. Purity Ring have different messages and some with inspirational messages such as “True Love Waits” or maybe the name of our couple  to remind the person that wearing it about the commitment they have made and they are in a serious relationship. These messages in the ring also can be read by other people.

In the long term, the main objective of the purity ring is to prevent the people having sex before they are married.  The ring then should be replaced with a wedding ring on the wedding day. It also can be inherited to your children so they know the limits of a relationship until they are get married.

purity ring band

Purity Ring Contains

Ring of purity also mean how much gold content contained in the ring. In gold known as carat. Carat is the purity level of gold. Level of purity is 24 carat pure gold. When you have 18 karat gold, meaning gold has an 18/24 parts gold and 75 percent gold and the rest is other metals. Pure gold has a shiny yellow color. Pure gold harder than the tin and not harder than the silver. Pure gold is very rarely used as jewelry. To be harder, pure gold should be added to other metals. Type the added metal is a metal that does not change the gold luster significantly and not makes the gold fragile.

Pure gold is also divided into white gold and yellow gold. The difference between white gold and yellow gold is in the mixed metal. Yellow gold is pure gold mixed with silver, while white gold is pure gold mixed with nickel. Due to different properties, yellow gold prices are generally more expensive than white gold. So yellow gold and white gold is both gold, the only difference is the metal that is mixed differently. So choose the best purity ring that you like.