Promise ring – Symbolizes of the commitment

Promise ring symbolizes commitment or covenant of marriage between two people when they are in a serious dating. Long ago people were not accustomed to gift your girlfriend or boyfriend with this type of jewelry actually the commitment was signed on betrothal with a gold ring.

Elegance, modernity and personality are characteristics that illustrate the promise ring. Some promise ring are so aesthetically crafted a ring that look very sophisticated.

promise ring tattoo

The models of promise ring come in different sizes, shapes and design. Some are thicker, some adopt a wide thin and discreet. There betting rings in detail how element of personalization, as is the case with precious stones finish or even white gold.

When most precious metals or stones are used in alliances, the price is more expensive pair. People usually buy the object in jewelry, choosing a model showcase or exposing a particular idea. Give the biggest tip of all: Buying on the internet is the best option by many factors such as price, convenience and fast delivery. The price online is cheaper because it requires less logistics on the part of businesses, there is no payment of commission salesperson or rental stores. And the competition is greater. Therefore the value ends up being lower than in physical stores.

The promise ring is usually silver or similar material, the gold is left for the engagement to have a differential in the alliance.

Promise Ring for Valentine’s

A few years ago, it has become fashionable among young dating couples of all ages using “promise ring” or “alliance dating” as a way to show love and seriousness of the relationship.

After all, gifting the one you love with an promise ring represents the desire for a permanent bond. The promise ring or engagement ring is a ring of silver used for dating couples to demonstrate the fidelity and robustness of dating. Alliances are used in promise ring finger of his right hand and, on the occasion of engagement, replaced by engagement rings.

Some couples, after completing some time dating, opt for silver will wear rings to show their commitment in the relationship and show to family and friends that dating is serious, and later lovers can come to become engaged.

The ring has become very popular, mainly because of the fragility of relationships today. When someone reveals the desire to have a commitment implies you want to have absolute trust in each other. Is this bond of trust that keeps the couple’s love.

The alliance has the boyfriend girlfriend’s name and date of commencement of courtship recorded and vice versa. Some prefer to write both names on both, followed by the date.

As the ring dating has been widely sought, since there are cheaper models without guarantee, from $ 9.99 a pair, until more sophisticated rings in white gold or silver from R $ 180.00 the pair.

The courtship is over …. What to do with the promise ring?

The promise ring symbolizes the first major step in a solid relationship, full of love and many future plans. But these plans do not always come to fruition in full and that was far from thinking ends up happening, the breakup. And with that comes the big question: between memories and sadness, what to do with the promise ring?

Unlike wedding rings, rings dating is not always gold or precious stones. However, today it no longer means that there has been a great investment. Acquisitions like a jewel silver Fina make anyone think and rethink discard the ring so striking.

It is inevitable that in the first months of the end of the promise ring dating ends having a load of emotions higher than expected load. Save somewhere that does not have access during everyday activities may be the first step to do, thus avoiding the unthinkable and make decisions liable to regret.

And for the more rational and value the good memories we carry from life saving can also be an option. Why not think all those good times will stay forever in the memory and, finally, the time will never erase the fond memories and nothing better than a beautiful jewel, to symbolize the love that is lived. Even now it just part of a past life well lived, that was beautiful while it lasted, and always yield good stories and legacies to be passed to the next generations.

After the last stage more impulsive are several ideas that can be taken into account. If the jewelry is gold, can be melted and made into another piece. The promise ring can also be resold at auction virtual (for those who do not have names or references recorded, of course), like Ebay, for example, or even thrift stores, which are super high. Promise ring.