Promise Ring Meaning

Promise ring meaning a lot of things. A promise ring is a ring with special meaning and is given to a person or worn, with the aim of making specific commitments. This is not true in all cases. In this day and age, promise rings are popular among young people usually make another appointment. Not only can they be given by men, but they can be given by women as well.
The commitment that the ring symbolizes the promise does not need to deal with the intention of marriage alone. There is a wrong notion that the promise ring is nothing more than an engagement ring, the truth is that the promise ring can be given or imposed for other reasons as well.

Promise ring meaning finger

Promises are made to mean:

I will be faithful
I’ll be back
I will keep a special appointment
I love you
I have the intention to marry
I promise to be a friend
I will always be there for you
I’ll save myself for you
I promise to stay away from the deputy
I promise to replace this ring with a large stone when I can afford it
I promise to follow a particular religion
or could even mean I promise to get a goal for myself.

Reasons to give or wear a promise ring meaning:

1. Pre-engagement promise rings: the promise ring meaning of these used when two people have decided to get engaged in the near future for sure. A pre-engagement promise ring symbolizes a strong confidence between two people who have decided to spend their lives together in the near future. Promise ring meaning in such cases will be very similar to the engagement ring. This promise ring is very common.
2. Purity Ring: Promise ring meaning of these does not imply commitment of marriage. Purity promise rings are often given by parents to their children and represents the promise of children to abstain from sexual intercourse until marriage. Chastity or abstinence promise ring serves the same purpose as they imply a commitment to abstain from evil such as drinking, smoking, etc.
3. Promise between friends: the promise ring meaning of these the bond between good friends can be very large even if they are geographically separated by oceans and mountains so much! A promise ring can also be given by a good friend to demonstrate that commitment, your friends will always be there for each other in times of need. Promise ring meaning in such a case would indicate a strong bond between good friends and once again did not have the intention of marriage.
4. Religious promise rings: promise ring meaning of these of followers of a particular religion or holy men, all wearing similar rings possible. It is infact a promise ring and signifies a commitment to follow the teachings of sacred or religious worship them all. Because the promise ring meaning in this case relates to a particular religion or a saint, holy symbols or pictures can also be present in the design promise ring.

Important advice:
1. Due to the fact that the promise ring meaning will change depending on the reason and the intention is given, it is always a good idea to clearly set out the reasons when giving a promise ring to someone. It would be very sad and akward if the receiver misinterprets the promise ring given intention. For example, someone gifting promise rings for friendship will be put into a situation akward if the recipient feels that it is given to the intention of the wedding! It is a good idea to include a small note when gifting a promise ring to someone, leave a note clearly stating the reason that the ring was given.

2. As mentioned above, the promise ring meaning could change depending on the reasons given or worn rings. Both women and men can wear a promise ring despite the pre-engagement promise rings are very often passed on to her by her husband.

3. In most cases the promise ring worn on the left ring finger. Three finger ring means at hand. There are exceptions to promise friendship ring, (without the intention of marriage) where it is best to avoid the left ring finger so it is not mistaken for an engagement or wedding ring.

4. The promise ring meaning has a special use depending on the reason, but you can enhance the promise ring meaning of these insert birthstone in the ring. It has been believed for a very long time that the gemstone representing any date of birth and wearing a birthstone gem brings good health and fortune.

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