Printable ring sizer for you

Printable ring sizer is one of the most used tools, because while you have a standard size for necklaces and bracelets, rings measures depends on the individual.

Printable ring sizer to download and print

Measure your waist with a tape ring finger sizes

To create your own ring gauge, Printable ring sizer and cut the strip below. Insert the narrow end of the meter through the slot “cut here” (cut here). Place the tape around your finger with numbers facing the outside and tighten until snug but comfortable.

A tool you can use to measure finger sizes is this tape. Click on the image, print it, cut it out and put it around your finger you want to measure.

Printable ring sizer chart image

To measure the ring, click on the following measurement chart, print it and put the ring over the circles until you find one that fits. In this way you will know what your exact specifications.

Determine your ring size chart sizes with a ring

Printable ring sizer, Use a ring that fits you well to determine your ring size. Place your ring in a circle the size that most closely approaches it. The inner edge of the ring must be aligned with the outer edge of the circle. If your ring appears to be in two sizes, buy the larger size.

printable ring sizer

You can also do the following: take a ring that fits you perfectly, measure its diameter (try to be the center of the ring) and find the diameter in the above table and give you the size.

As a third option can print the next image to be found below, to be printable ring sizer verifies that the test line actually measured 100 mm or 10 cm., If so, the measurements are correct and are expressed in millimeters, for example, a ring No. 18 has a diameter of 18.46 millimeters.

printable ring sizer uk

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