Pearl Ring – Elegant Pearl Ring

Pearl ring despite very lush owns a simple beauty and understated at the same time. The pearl ring can be a great gift for your girlfriend, wife, mother, or someone special, no woman can resist and not like a beautiful pearl ring, be it gold or silver.

Gold pearl ring, white gold or sterling silver beautiful by itself, but when set with diamonds and other precious stones gave more glamorous. There are just so many great designs to choose from today, the gift giver or potential holder will have a difficult time choosing the most perfect.

The pearl is a very rare jewel that comes inside of a shell found only in the depths of rivers and seas where a foreign body may be even one grain of sand is inserted into the mollusk and a reaction of the same in a few years the foreign body turns into a beautiful pearl.

pearl ring mountings

Many years through the centuries the pearl has been used by large women as queens, princesses, duchesses, and today is not any woman who has a gem of pearls, pearl ring and a favorite among those that have.

No woman can resist a beautiful gem especially if it is a pearl, and that such a beautiful pearl ring? It is simply a very elegant jewelry that suits any occasion and makes any woman’s look sophisticated and very lush. Currently, pearl rings are made increasingly modern and sophisticated details with designers and other stones that enhance and make the jewelry even more beautiful and valued.


Pearls come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. They are always valued as a gemstone and in fact, have grown in many countries in recent years, primarily for use in jewelry. Their basic shape is round, semi-round, drop, pear, oval, button, baroque and circle. Sure, perfectly round pearls are very rare and have the greatest value. Although round pearls are popular in rings, recent trends indicate the use of the form.

The natural or cultured pearls, which means they grow on the farm special. Cultured pearls can be sweet or salty. Saltwater pearls are of three types – from Akoya, South Sea and Tahiti – and more expensive than freshwater pearls. Of the three, Japanese Akoya pearls and Tahitian are the most sought after.

Pearl ring rarely used as an engagement ring, but they can be a great alternative if you only have a pearl alone or with diamonds and other precious stones. In fact, they can cost more than a traditional diamond ring. One reason is that it is actually more difficult to set a pearl ring compared to the more durable mineral gems.

However, as with any type of jewelry, you should know how to choose quality pearls in imitation. There are several important factors to consider what should be remembered. Luster is the most fundamental aspect of the quality of the pearl, if you ask jewelry. For brightness, the pearl should be bright, with a surface that shows your reflection. The surface must be clean and free of holes, cracks or stains. Also ask about the thickness of nacre jewelry, although you can check this aspect, making brushing teeth is if you rub against the teeth, should have a rough feel.

Type of pearl to pearl ring

Not everyone knows, but there are many types of pearls, which vary in color, shape or cultivation can be made into pearl ring

Akoya Pearl: are cultured pearls. Round shape, is much in demand. They are found in Japan, China and Korea.

Black Pearl: are very rare and valuable, for being black naturally (without dyeing process). Are obtained by Oyster Black Lips, grown in the South Seas and Japan

South Sea Pearl: Are the most coveted and desired of all pearls, come as a huge (most of all) and solitary oyster silver. Cultured south of Indonesia, northern Australia and southern Philippines have size above 8 mm in diameter. They come in several shapes, sizes and colors (white, gold, gray, black, etc…).

Pearl-Sweet Water: Only way not cultivated at sea, but in freshwater lakes in Kyoto, on the island of Honshu, Japan and China. Can vary infinitely in their shapes, sizes and colors.

Pearl Rice: This type of pearl grows inside the oyster reproductive organs and has a large number of irregularities in its small format.

Baroque Pearl: Are all those irregularly shaped.

Blister Pearl: Forming covered in layers of nacre, by slipping into the mantle of the shell. If the pearl originates with a warty growth on the inner shell should be separated therefrom, forming a semi-spherical part.

Pearl Mabi: are formed through the same process pearl blister, or in layers. May have various colors and shapes (oval, semi-spherical, heart, and other drop).

So now you know all these things, then you are ready to find the perfect pearl ring of your dreams or your loved one.