Onyx Ring – Everything about Onyx Ring

Onyx ring is a beautiful ring. This ring has a black gemstone, which looks mystique. The Onyx name is coming from Latin language. The meaning of Onyx is claw or it can be meant as fingernail. Many jewelers use this ring for various purposes; it is like the new era of Onyx gemstone. This gemstone has been famous since Victorian era. At the first time, the users of this ring are women when they are in mourning moment. The black color of Onyx ring represented about sadness. Queen Victoria wore this ring when she mourned the death of her husband at that time.

Onyx Ring i

Not only women who like this Onyx ring. The black color on this ring captivates men to like it. Mostly men like black as their favorite color by the way. Nowadays, you can find this ring in many variations metal and shape. You can use this beautiful ring for engagement ring, wedding ring or just for a special gift in birthday or Valentine’s Day maybe.

The Advantages of the Onyx Ring

Onyx ring is not common ring because of the black color is very unique. This ring is appropriate for both men and women. People can call this ring as the unisex ring. When this ring is for men’s ring, the material to cover the black gemstone is silver. Almost men like silver for their Onyx gemstone. How about the women?. The fact will be same, women very like Onyx for her white gold or yellow gold ring. Both of those materials are perfect for women. The wearer of this ring are not admitting this ring as the usual jewelry, some of them think that using this kind of ring can be a healing media for them.

Many people believe that using Onyx ring can solve their skin problem like sunburn. Not only skin problems, this ring are believed for solving the weaknesses of stamina, high blood tension, decreasing the nightmares and insomnia problems and many more. In addition, there are some people believe that this ring can be used for bringing messages from dead people. You can believe that or not.

How to Care Your Onyx Ring

If you have bought this ring, you should know how to care it exactly. To clean your ring, you need a bowl of warm water, add some gentle soap into it. Then, put your ring in that bowl, you let this cleaning process for 1 until 2 hours. This process will help your ring to lose some grime, which are closely attached. After 2 hours, take your ring and dry it using soft and clean woof. Then, keep your ring on the safest place, a soft padded jewelry box. Do not try to keep this kind of ring with other kinds of jewelry because the Onyx gemstone is too fragile and easy to scratch by something is narrow. Put away your ring from chemicals thing. The chemicals thing is dangerous for Onyx gemstone, making impurities on your black Onyx ring.