Meaning of Claddagh Ring

Meaning of Claddagh Ring is iconic is the preferred item of jewelry known and loved throughout the world. It is used not only as a wedding and / or engagement ring, but also as a sign of friendship. Heritage Irish ring definitely add its popularity, but the symbolism of the friendship, love and loyalty has again emerged as an important attribute at this time.

Meaning of Claddagh Ring Irish

The Meaning of Claddagh Ring has three different symbols:

Meaning of Claddagh Ring: Hands – signifying friendship

Meaning of Claddagh Ring: Heart – signifying love

Meaning of Claddagh Ring: Crown – the fidelity

Hand support the heart, and crown sitting on top. The motto is ‘let love and friendship reign’.

Elements Claddagh Ring

The picture Meaning of Claddagh Ring above is part of Welcome (Fáilte Ireland said) to Claddagh sign that marks the entrance to the area Claddagh in Galway, Ireland.
Meaning of Claddagh Ring

Culture is full of charismatic Irish folklore, and almost every village, town, and the hill has a story. Ancient fishing village, Claddagh, located outside the walls of the famous Galway Claddagh ring. Claddagh ring design always depicts two hands holding a heart topped by a crown, and the meaning of the Claddagh ring Claddagh village has adopted the motto that let love and friendship reign.

The way in which you wear your Claddagh ring has great significance. When the Claddagh ring worn on your right hand with the heart facing out, the ring Claddagh advertise that your heart is free. You’re looking for love so to speak. Then if the Claddagh ring is still in your right hand, but the heart of the Claddagh ring has been changed to refer to your books, your heart is no longer available. In this position, your Claddagh ring shows that you at least have a crush on someone. The third in a meaningful way to wear your Claddagh ring is in your left hand. This means that your love is revealed, even to propose marriage. So be careful where you wear your Claddagh ring. You do not want your Meaning of Claddagh ring says that you are involved when you ask someone for a date!

Used for more than 400 years the exact origins of the Claddagh design has long faded into the mists of time. From Claddagh, a small fishing community spoke Gaelic outside Galway, Ireland, the design consists of two arms supporting a crowned heart. Hand signifies friendship, bonds, and togetherness, the heart refers to love, and the crown represents loyalty and greatness. A simple yet powerful symbol that has inspired people around the world. When worn with the heart facing out, open your heart to love others. When your heart is turned so that the face shown by that your heart is taken. During the traditional Irish Claddagh wedding rings rotated by a mating partner. But the whole concept of turning on two virtues: love and friendship.

Therefore, the meaning of Claddagh ring is suitable for virtually any type of occasion, whether it’s a birthday, wedding, engagement or Mother’s Day. It is no wonder that this is one of the most highly in-demand types of Celtic Jewelry in the market today.