How to Measure and Determine Your Ring Size

How to measure ring size to help you find the size of a ring, take a paper strip 5mm wide or even simpler, one centimeter seamstress. Wrap, loosely, the finger you want to put the ring, locate and mark where the ends meet. It’ll just measure the paper strip using a millimeter ruler. Example: If you get your 5.4 cm size will be 54 mm. If the mark is between two graduations, indicate the upper scale.

You can also use a ring sizer, that is to say, a template that shows the ring sizes, here’s an example:
Ring Size
How to measure ring size and choose the diameter of the ring with the help of a ring size?
Print the ring sizer, because the number in the circle defines the circumference thereof.


how to measure ring size, here are link to print your own ring sizer:

How to measure ring size to choose the diameter of the ring for you, take a ring you have there and ask about the different circles drawn. Move your ring until you find the corresponding diameter. It must, however, we still see the outer edge of the ring sizer.


  1. We no longer see the ring size (black circle). You must seek a smaller size to how to measure ring size.
  2. The ring size (black circle) is smaller than your ring (yellow circle). You must seek a larger size.
  3. The ring sizer corresponds perfectly to the diameter of your ring. You made the right choice!

Ring size, how to measure ring size perfect?

Do not get the wrong ring size when buying on the internet deserves some clarification

how to measure right size or the extent of her ring size, here are some tips:

  1. how to measure ring size with a virtual ring sizerThis technique requires you to print a virtual ring sizer. On this ring size are represented many circles that correspond to different sizes of ring. After you print the ring sizer and checked the scale using a ruler, it is to put a ring on the right size ring size and its internal diameter prop with that of the corresponding circle (see diagram below below). Hop and voila!
    • virtual ring sizer. Technique very well suited if you want a gift and if you can “steal” a discreet ring to the final recipient
    • Print the virtual ring sizer
      Take a ring whose size is optimal and there on the ring size place by moving the different circles
      Move the ring on the ring sizer to find the circle whose diameter coincides perfectly with the inside diameter of your ring. Congratulations, you just found the ring size you need!
    • diameter rings, irtual ring sizer verification

    Note: We need the ring size of the circle is still visible when the ring is placed on it for not selecting a size too small. Indeed it is to be generous given the fact that the fingers tend to swell, especially in late afternoon or during hot weather.

  1. Use a ruler to measure the size of a ring to how to measure ring size
    If you have a ring of the right size, you can use a ruler or a caliper to find the value of the inner diameter of the ring (see diagram).
    measuring the diameter of the ring measuring the diameter of the ring Then, simply find the appropriate size according to the correlation table below.
    Correlation of ring sizes (conversion)Correlation of ring sizes (conversion)
  2. Measure manually turn the finger, how to measure ring size please have a tape measure, a strip of paper several inches or string.Then do around your finger (the one that will ring) with this band at the middle phalanx of the middle finger, that is to say where it should be the thickest. Mark with a pen where the strip is joined.
    Unroll the strip and measure with a millimeter ruler the length of your tower doig.In France, the ring size corresponds to the ring size in millimeters. For example, if you measure your ring size is 52mm (or 5.2cm) then your ring size is 52!Tips: If you hesitate between two sizes, you should choose the size above. Indeed, the fingers tend to swell in hot weather or in late afternoon. Better round up to the higher value.For the same reason, do not tighten the tape around your finger during the measurement, ca could distort the calculation and the ring too tight to pass over the joint.
  3. Please measure your ring in a jewelry district how to measure ring size any good jeweler can easily give you the proper ring size or by using a ring sizer if you get there (it will try a series of rings of different sizes to see which one best fits your finger) when using a ring stick ( a tool for measuring cone) if you just ring a “model” the right size.

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