Hello Kitty Ring – Accessories Pretty and Charming

Hello Kitty ring will probably look odd when worn by men as a ring-shaped Hello Kitty synonymous with women.  But if your spouse love this cute cat character, why not, you and your partner a man could use them as wedding rings are cute and unique.

“HELLO KITTY” one of the most famous characters in the world. HELLO KITTY loved and in the background likes some celebrity “Japan Cool” in Europe and the United States. This is the jewelry and the model used by some celebrities who are like this cute cat.

Hello Kitty ring meaning

If you want to buy accessories Hello Kitty ring. Maybe before you have to recognize first of Hello Kitty. Why Hello Kitty has no mouth?

Hello Kitty or the Japanese language Haro Kitty is a fictional character from the company Sanrio. This figure was first designed by Yuko Shimizu. Pictured with red ribboned white female cat.

Yuko Shimizu Kitty got the idea of the name of the book Through the Looking-Glass (continuation of Alice in Wonderland) by Lewis Carroll’s Alice stories where there is a play with a cat which she called Kitty.

Do you like Hello Kitty ring accessories?

Hello Kitty depicted without a mouth, because Sanrio want people who look at these figures projecting their mood on this cartoon (in the form of cartoons through the mouth we can see the mood of the cartoon character). Happy or sad are all in character Hello Kitty.

Sanrio Hello Kitty also explained that he did not have a mouth to speak with the heart. Sanrio Hello Kitty is an ambassador to the world and not tied to a particular language. Hello Kitty is a symbol of friendship and camaraderie are expected to spread throughout the world. There is also a Hello Kitty comes from the Maneki Neko which literally means the cat is calling.

Hello Kitty accessories made many fine jewelry from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, tongue rings, belly rings and Hello Kitty ring, the equipment needs of everyday also innumerable in shape and painted to resemble Hello Kitty. Because many who idolized and loved it so much cute cat communities, groups and even gangs are made to be able to express his love with Hello Kitty, even those who really fanatics willing to spend and spend money for the sake of collecting and hunting cats cute knick knacks throughout the country.

Hello Kitty ring silver white gold layers

Now there is a Hello Kitty ring is made of silver-plated white gold. Looks elegant but still fashionable and cute so they can look more stylish, fashion and glamor wherever you are. The design is pretty and shiny charming accessories fitted to complement your outfit.

If you’re a girl, accessories Hello Kitty necklace and ring it makes you look fashionable and attractive. If you’re a guy, from Hello Kitty merchandise is suitable for a gift for your boyfriend. The he just loves it.

Hello Kitty ring silver made of white gold layered silver accessories will not be easy to change color, backed with a low budget and quality. Beautiful and fit as well as a birthday present your sister, your friend, your girlfriend or your mother with a simple model elegant and special, even if it is to be a wedding ring may look unique. Selection of the ring does not have to be expensive because the important thing is the sense of giving the ring.

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