Diamond Candles Rings Reviews

Diamond Candles Rings – Have you all heard of the concept behind Diamond Candles ring? If you haven’t, prepare for a mind explosion of awesomeness!

Here’s the scoop: You buy a candle. You burn it. After it burns for a while, you will find a ring. It could be made of real diamonds and worth up to $5,000, or it could be fake and worth $10. Either way, you come out smelling like a winner! {I mean that literally too, because these candles smell so good!}

Diamond-Candles rings

After being contacted to do a Diamond Candles giveaway, I picked out a scent I thought sounded unique and a bit out of my typical spicy scent realm — vanilla lime. I am so glad I did, too — it’s the perfect mix of fruity and savory scents and smells delicious in our kitchen. The candle itself is made from natural soy, which is grown locally to the company in the Durham, NC area.

I am the type of person that always has a candle burning because I am paranoid of my house smelling like baby poo. I loved the fresh scent that immediately filled my house while burning this candle. Typical of me, I got distracted and started cleaning the house and forgot about it for an hour or so.

Then, OH MY! I could see the little package containing the ring starting to appear

diamond candle rings

Not being a patient person, I blew out the candle and started digging in the wax with a straw. Victory! Out popped the ring. I felt like a man proposing to his bride…I was nervous to find out what was inside!

diamond ring candles

After some careful peeling of the layers {the ring itself is wrapped in plastic and foil to protect it}, I unveiled the ring.

Here’s what I got:diamond candles 5000 ringHow fun is that?! It did not have a 14k inscription inside, so I knew it wasn’t real, but the weight of it and the look is definitely higher quality costume jewelry. I just love the yellow stones too, and it fits perfectly on my right hand. {Most rings are sized 6-8.}.

diamond candles ring reveal

How perfect would one of these babies be for a gift for a girlfriend, bridesmaids or even for a Christmas gift exchange? I am definitely keeping these on my radar. They are very affordable, too — priced at $24.95 each. That’s pretty much the same price as that other big candle company I won’t mention by name…but there’s a ring in these to boot!

Be sure to give them a follow on Facebook and Twitter to learn about special deals, too. Also, if you are curious what other rings look like, check out their Pinterest page or Instagram. I am digging all the rings pictured. Funky and fun!

Each new candle truly is like a Cracker Jack box for adult women. Thanks for bringing such fun to our lives, Diamond Candles 😉

Want to learn more about Diamond Candles? Watch this video. It is short and interesting to learn about how this ideas was born {by a man!}.


I am very excited to offer the chance for one of you to win your very own Diamond Candle. Just enter using the Rafflecopter form below. It’s super easy! The giveaway will end on September 16, 2013. I will provide the winner with their own promo code for a free candle {shipping included}. Good luck!

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