Class Ring for Unforgettable Moment

Class ring is a ring, which is used for representing the graduation in high school and college. This ring has a history, if you want to know more, read this until finish. The wearing of a class ring was born in 1835 at West Point Military Academy. The first of intention in doing this is, to show off their unity and the memorabilia to remember forever. If you will be graduating in the near future time, and you want to follow the tradition in graduating term, you should ask your classmates for making this kind of ring.

Class Ring

This ring can be used for you and your classmates for remembering some of sweet memories that you and they have made during the learning process. Make your class ring has the same looking with all of your classmates. It is better for you if you discuss about your ring planning before you order or design a class ring.

Designing Your Own Class Ring

You can choose your class ring in any jewelry shops in your town, but if you want this ring has an unique taste, you can order by your own. Do not forget to discuss about this with your classmates anyway. You can design this ring by online. All you should do just visit the website of Herff Jones, Walmart, Jostens and many more. Then, choose the part that you can start to design your ring. You will be asked about your name, address and your school name. After that, you find the button or the page of the website that showing the type of ring. The option there can be a high school class ring, college, or professional. You should know that some of website will only provides designs for high school students or college students.

Then, you choose the collection part, which has the classic, traditional, or modern styles for your class ring made. Do not forget to choose a ring material like gold, platinum, silver or any other materials for ring. Pay attention to the price tag, which is usually located under the materials explanation. The platinum is the highest price, discuss with your classmates about this also. A ring will not be perfect if there is no stone. The next thing you have to do is choose the ring stone. You can choose your and your classmates birthstones by the way. It is cheap but still stunning. Furthermore, complete your design with the graduation year, the school name and the ring sizes.

How to Wear Class Ring

After you and your classmates have this memorabilium ring, maybe you will become confuse about how to wear this ring. Let us give you the answer.  You place your ring on your ring finger on your right hand. We mean the finger is next to your pinky finger. If you have a great appreciate on your ring and you don’t want to lose your ring, you can keep your ring into a ring box. In addition, it is better for you if you wear it only if you have the special occasion. Have a memorable moment into your class ring!

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