Claddagh Engagement Ring

Claddagh engagement ring¬†¬†: From the Village to the U.S. Small Fishing.¬†Claddagh engagement ring comes from a small fishing village in Galway, Ireland. Also known in the ring finger! In the history of Ireland was ruled by clans or septs known as “Galway Tribes”. One of the most famous is the September Joyce According to legend; Richard Joyce was traveling to the West Indies when he was captured as a slave by Algeria. He then taught the art of gold-smithing by his Moorish master. He was apparently released from slavery in 1689 on the orders of King William III of England.

Claddagh Engagement Ring sapphire
After that he returned to his lover in Claddagh, Galway, and has since been known as the creater of the Claddagh Ring. Motto of the types of rings ‘Let love and friendship reign’. These rings have royal approval and Queen Victoria wore one. This ring should be worn as a symbol of love and by others. This is one of the most meaningful jewelry ever made.

Claddagh Engagement Ring Meaning

A Claddagh engagement ring is designed with two hands, representing friendship on both sides of the heart represents love. Heart crowned meaning loyalty, and thus the Claddagh has become a traditional Irish engagement ring. It is also popular as an engagement ring and valentine. When wearing a Claddagh Engagement ring, you have to understand that there is a special meaning in wearing.
For example, wearing a Claddagh on the right hand with the heart facing the wrist, showing friendship before marriage, shows that your heart is taken. Wear Claddagh with the heart on the left side facing is how the wrist was worn just before and during the wedding ceremony. This symbolizes that your heart has been claimed by his true love and the relationship has grown into the commitment of marriage.

Claddagh Engagement Ring Sets

Wearing the Claddagh engagement ring containing your birthstone is even more special, especially because of the deep meaning of the Claddagh ring. They are manufactured from precious metals and all fitted with different types of gemstones. A Silver Claddagh engagement ring did not diminish its value, as the value for a Claddagh ring lies in the meaning and not the monetary value. There are very expensive varieties of Claddagh rings are set with high-quality gems, but unlike other gemstone engagement ring is not the main design. The main feature of the ring is the design and what it symbolizes.

If you are thinking of buying a Claddagh engagement ring, Claddagh is an ideal choice. It was worn on the right hand while the engagement and then transferred to the left for a wedding ceremony, where he remained afterwards. Claddagh rings are worn by both sexes, and they symbolize more than just a link to Culture Ireland. They also stood for all the qualities necessary for a good marriage, loyalty, loyalty, friendship and love.

It is interesting to note that in addition to Queen Victoria wearing a Claddagh engagement ring, Edward VII was also wearing one, and still keep the Royal Family of Monaco grand tradition of wearing a Claddagh ring.