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Irish Wedding Rings and Legend of Claddagh

Irish wedding rings there are a number of that include Spirals, Triskeles and triquetas, nodes shield and sun symbols. The ring most popular by far is the Irish Claddagh and it is surrounded by a romantic legend.¬†The Claddagh is as said, the most favorite in Ireland. The ring symbolizes love, friendship and loyalty. The ring […]


Irish Claddagh Ring

Irish Claddagh Ring and Where to Buy

Irish Claddagh ring is rich in history and symbolizes love, loyalty and friendship to community of all ages. Art and materials influence the price range.¬†Irish Claddagh ring are worn by men, women and children around the world to give the virtues of love, loyalty and friendship. An Irish Claddagh ring can be an engagement ring, […]

Irish Ring in wedding ceremonies

Irish ring are used in wedding ceremonies in Ireland has some kind of ring. The most typical is the engagement ring Irish Claddagh rings and Celtic Ireland. They may have similarities, but in general, this type of Irish wedding rings vary in several ways. History and Symbolism of the Irish Claddagh ring An Irish Claddagh […]

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