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Dreamcatcher Belly Button Ring

Dreamcatcher belly button ring is what will make you want to have if you have piercing in your belly. It is popular in this time for people to wear the belly button ring. Most people believe that they will have cool appearance when they wear this ring type that will be worn in the belly […]

Dreamcatcher Belly Button Ring

Belly button ring

Belly Button Rings Tips to Choose

Belly button rings are very popular in the world of international fashion. We now live in a global era and there are a large number of fashions as well as the transference of intercultural exchange that occurs as distances shrink and people come closer in various fields. Belly button rings is quite common in eastern […]

Cute belly button rings

Cute belly button rings body jewelry is recently become one of the many ways to make your appearance look stylish and attractive. Piercing is one way to create a new fashionable image. At this time many young girls wearing cute navel rings to decorate their stomachs and look sexy. People wear navel jewelry to be […]


Belly ring piercing image

Belly ring – require special care to heal properly

Belly ring are probably the most common of body piercings. In fact, only the ear is pierced more often. However, this common piercing is not to be taken lightly. As well as being one of the most common piercing, they are also some of the most likely to be infected and have serious consequences. Thankfully, […]