Captive Bead Ring ideas

Captive bead ring (CBR) is a common example of body piercing jewelry. Among the various types of body piercings, captive bead ring are quite fashionable and popular. They are also known as circular captive. Comes in surgical steel, titanium, gold, acrylic, silver and other materials, this ring is easily removable. They will remain in place without falling.


Design of captive bead ring

Demand for body piercing has been steadily increasing. As one of the most affordable kinds of accessories available. It is a very effective form of self-expression and fashion trends have been inspired by body modification for decades. From the style of hardcore rock and emo to trend softer feminine belly ring hot on the beach, body jewelry was created in the mass can no longer be denied.
Captive bead ring or ball into a small hole in the circular ring. This bead is slightly larger than the opening and has a small indentation or depression corresponding to the end point of the fitting ring allowing them to form a series of rings. Often, a hole was drilled through the bead to allow easier fitting.

It uses the pull or press on the strength of the metal ring is usually made of surgical stainless steel, niobium, or titanium, to make the beads firmly in place. Bead or ball itself may additionally be made ​​of various materials colored glass, acrylic or ceramic, or gemstones.
It is popular body jewelry because it easily allows the user to release the ring simply by removing the captive bead, but the beads are placed so firmly in place that will not be easily separated. In addition, because of the closed and rounded at the edges, this ring is not easy to snag and tear clothes, hair, or furniture, making them a popular choice for piercings that are still in the healing process. However, the circular shape means that it can draw lymph drained back into the piercing healing, which means that the barbell is seen as better for certain healing piercings.

If you want to remove or change the CBR (captive bead ring) your body jewelry, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Even, if you ask someone how to remove them, chances are they will tell you to go see your piercer. Including me. I know, I know – you don’t want to study, you just want to change your jewelry. But help me and oblige me for just a minute and I will explain the reason for college.

How to remove captive bead ring

If you have a lot of piercings and plan to replace your jewelry, I strongly suggest that you invest in a pair of ring opening pliers and ring closing pair of pliers. They are exactly like a special tool designed to remove and closing RBM.

Now, place the tip of the needle-nosed wrapped into the center of the CBR and gently pry open the ring. Be prepared for beads / balls falling out with the other hand holding under the ring to catch it. Once the beads have fallen, there will be space in the captive bead ring. If the space does not look big enough, you can pry it open a little more with your pliers, being careful not to warp the shape of a ring.
Once you have a large enough space, you can release the CBR. Slowly turn the ring – don’t pull. When you rotate the CBR, the space will reach a point where it can be carefully pulled away from the skin. If the space is not big enough, turn it back and open it again and try again. Don’t to force it out.

• Going to a professional is the best policy. Don’t try this unless you are very knowledgeable about piercings or does not have other choice but to do it yourself.
• Don’t attempt to remove or change your jewelry if the piercing isn’t healed, which usually takes at least 6-8 weeks with most piercings. If you do, you can end up having to start the healing process again.
• Don’t remove your jewelry if you believe you are infected piercing. Removing jewelry just cause more problems if the piercing is infected. See piercer or doctor for advice about captive bead ring.