Aquamarine Ring – Cheap Gemstone

Aquamarine ring
are loved by many women as a beautiful blue. Aquamarine stone is in the family of emerald gemstones.¬†What people appreciate the beauty of the aquamarine rings? People have always been fascinated by the beauty and magic of aquamarine rings that’s probably why it has become one of the jewels that are widely used as a symbol for many months in the calendar.

Gemstones, including diamonds, pearls and aquamarine always been regarded as a symbol of beauty and luxury, but the use of trace Aquamarine facts more interesting stones. Aquamarine ring are much cheaper may apply. But we believe that Aquamarine has its own unique qualities and trigger to make more gems can not be aligned with.

aquamarine ring with diamonds

Types of aquamarine ring

Types of aquamarine ring vary depending on where they are extracted. It aquamarine ring. These rings have a deep color. It is considered more precious than their counterparts of color. The reason it is more expensive is that it is rare. There are bright rings blue aquamarine. The gemstone aquamarine blue is cheaper than the dark blue. The reason it is cheaper than the other because it is readily available.

There are rings of blue-green aquamarine. Most blue-green stones are heated in order to get rid of the green tint. However, there are people who like it, while they still have the green. Stone aquamarine blue-green are the most common. Are cheaper aquamarine stones. The aquamarine rings cat eyes are the rarest of all. It is translucent. The reason it is known as the cat’s eye because it has an effect that resembles a cat’s eye when tilted. It is quite expensive. There are some stones can be confused with aquamarine include: light blue topaz and blue zircon.

Tips for choosing aquamarine ring

There are several factors to consider when choosing rings aquamarine. The color of the gemstone aquamarine should be considered. The color should be bright and attractive. Above all, should suit your personal style. It is also imperative to note that the color of the gemstone affects its price. The aquamarine stone cut should be indicted. This is because the intensity of the color of the gemstone is determined by how it is cut. The cut should be a little less than perfect.

When purchasing aquamarine ring, it is important to consider the clarity of gemstones. The advantage of aquamarine gems on other gems, it is perfect. They inclusions and fractures. Most of the precious stone, the more expensive. When choosing aquamarine rings, consider the type of metal used. The type of metal must be in perfect harmony with aqua-colored stone. Metals are better in gold, silver and platinum white. Another factor to consider is the setting. Select the focus setting tapered or branch and look better. Above all, the ring must be well designed.
Caring for aquamarine ring

Despite the fact that the aquamarine ring are durable, must be maintained to preserve its beauty. They stay away from harmful chemicals. They must also be protected against shocks. Aquamarine ring must be cleaned regularly. Use it after makeup application and remove as soon as you get home. Hairspray and perfume can damage the aquamarine ring and don’t wear to clean. This is because they can easily break if hit hard. They should be wrapped with soft clothing when storing them.