Apple Ring Jewelery and Technology

Apple ring is a ring that has a unique shape, which resembles the shape of an apple and has a hole in the center to insert a finger. Today many forms of rings which take the form of fruit or animal, of course, the ring is in great demand by collectors or the like because it feels unique. Decoration used also varied, some use ornate jewels, diamonds and other precious stones that make the ring into a beautiful and elegant.


Apple Ring Designs

Many designers and companies vying to design and make apple ring with various designs and adorned with precious stones that make this apple ring have many different forms. As a company that is a Chopard jewelry company and luxury watches in Switzerland. They also work closely with the Cannes International Film Festival for 15 consecutive years you know. This year, Chopard will launch a super cute ring decorated apple green diamond.

The ring was even designed by the vice president and artistic director of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele. The process of making these apple ring is amazing. He made over 250 hours. Can you imagine? Caroline makes an apple-shaped ring weighing 55.47 carats, which is decorated with 238 diamonds green. Diamonds were piled on top of heavy foundation made of white gold weighing 56.45 grams. Her work is named Delectable Diamond Ring Granny Smith Apple.

Are you interested to have a ring encrusted with 238 diamonds apple green with this? You need to spend enough in to have it, but it’s comparable to what you will be, and the apple ring this could be a very special gift for the one you love.

Apple Ring Technology

If you people are so infatuated with the technology, the company designed the ring apple ipod largest super-sophisticated. A procession of this concept can be seen in the future. Using this ring, fans can control the iPod music player them more easily, not only for the iPod, this ring can control all Apple products. Look stylish design and wireless Bluetooth connectivity with iPod and iPhone, the procession allows you to control playback and volume on any of the Apple media devices. Procession features a bright OLED status display with touch-sensitive pathway function, and batteries can be recharged up to 2 days.

This apple ring has several features, namely features volume control by sliding your finger on the touch-sensitive surface to control volume, lock ring feature of command unintentional, and bend your ring finger to press two rubber pads. Features play, pause and skip by pressing the apple icon to toggle between play and pause functions. Press the touch strip to the left or right of the apple icon to skip the previous or next song. Sophisticated ring instead.

Not only that, as a complement to existing USB powered which helps you to easily recharge your procession. This is the minimum size and ring-lock mechanism that is unique makes it an ideal for charging and storing your procession.

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