Antique jewelry – The Story you need to know

Antique jewelry means old-fashioned jewelry. There are different types of antique jewelry. The most common ones are estate antique jewelry, Victorian, Edwardian, Art deco and Art nouveau. Estate antique jewelry pieces are recent pre-owned ones. The pieces are generally low priced compared to new jewelry. The elegance of the Victorian era is captured in antique Victorian jewelry. A unique type of Victorian jewelry was hair jewelry. Locks of hair were saved and later on turned into ornate hair jewelry such as watch chains, bracelets and rings.

antique turquoise jewelry

Long earrings were a popular part of Art deco jewelry. The antique Art deco jewelry is studded with emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Art nouveau jewelry was popular in the years between 1890 and 1919. Motifs used in this jewelry were inspired by nature. Widespread usage of precious and semi-precious gemstones, horn, copper shell, tortoise shell, ivory and shells was the norm.

Buying Antique Jewelry

The older a piece of jewelry is, the more expensive it gets. This is the reason that there are many antique jewelry collectors in the world today.

Dealing with the amount of money required to invest in antique jewelry needs a bit of finesse. Most experts agree that the value of antique jewelry always depends on its condition. The rock may look good, but is the condition of the jewelry actually sound? No forger is stupid enough to make fake antique jewelry look bad.

The seams of antique jewelry often say a lot about the condition of a piece. Seams may also indicate the fact that the antique jewelry has been repaired. If a piece of antique jewelry has been repaired, then it is either in a better condition or it is in a worse condition. Badly-repaired jewelry often has different colored seams.

The Elegance of Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry is always used to signal power, distance, control, prestige, status and place in hierarchy. Most cultures combine different gems and metals with different level of status, hierarchy, medicine, stars, destiny and the likes. Symbolic meaning and jewelry also associates power with the beauty, value and magic. Even if each culture intermix and exchange ideas, their cultural representation and different traditions, religion and way of control can be identified through the study of jewelry.

As long as all members of a culture love songs and stories about the beauty and bliss of jewelry, they play a role in making symbolic meaning narrated in a meaningful way. Hereby binding together culture, history and hierarchy. Antique jewelry.